Recipe: Cashew Milk

Since getting married, I've definitely let my diet go. I'm very sad to say, none of my dresses fit anymore. While I'm not on a path to get back to wedding skinny, I do want to feel better and have more energy. I did a three day DIY juice cleanse about a year ago, and I have been researching new recipes to try.

One juice cleanse drink I came across over and over again is cashew milk, specifically from Blueprint Cleanse. My version costs about $2.00 to make. The best part of using cashews is that you don't need to filter the milk like you do with almond milk. Just blend and drink.

Cashew Milk

Makes 4 cups

1 cup raw cashews
4 cups water (plus more for soaking)
1 tbsp vanilla extract
2 - 3 prunes
A pinch of cinnamon

Soak cashews for 2 - 3 hours. You can soak it for longer if you'd like.
Rinse soaked cashews under water until it runs clear.
Place drained cashews, and 4 cups of water, and the rest of the ingredients into the blender.
Depending on the type of blender you have, blend for 2 - 5 minutes until smooth.

I chose to use prunes as my sweetener. You can also use dates, figs, or syrups, such as agave and brown rice. You could also use different types of extracts, or use real spices.

What's your favourite nut milk?