Choosing my maids....

I don't want a huge wedding party, mostly because we're not having a huge wedding. But honestly, I want a small wedding party partly because I think it'll look better in pictures. My pet peeve is seeing a set of beautiful pictures, then seeing one picture of the couple with like TWELVE attendants...EACH!!! Is that reeeaaaally necessary? Seriously!!!

I am going to have one maid of honor, but I am debating between having one or two bridesmaids. My MOH will be my cousin, Van. I'm not choosing her because she's family, but she because understands me. Sometimes we don't need to speak, and we know what the other is thinking, and we usually laugh about it cuz it's probably something gross that we're both thinking about.

One of my bridesmaids will be Nat, Cal's sister. Although we don't complete each other's sentences, we connect in a different way. Mostly agreeing on how Cal is wrong....in whatever topic we happen to be discussing.

I was set on having two people in my bridal party. We all have similar personalities, type A, but not sooo type A that we would kill each other if we don't agree on something.

Now, I know we don't have to have the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, but I do have a little bit of the tradition bug, or it could just be vanity.... it would look sooooo much better if we had an even number for pictures.

Cal wanted 5 groomsmen, but if I had 5 bridesmaids, it would just look ridiculous in pictures. So we've settled on 3 each.

So I have one more spot to fill. Cal does have another sister, but we're not as close as I am with Nat. Plus, she's planning on getting pregnant after our holiday in the Fall, so she would be pretty late in her pregnancy by the wedding date. What pregnant woman wants to be standing all day, being told what to do? I know I wouldn't.

I've thought about who to ask for a while now. I have a couple close girlfriends, but there's only one who would not be offended when I talk about poo...I know...I wrote poo. Well, that's not true, I have others who wouldn't be offended...but anyway.

I googled creative ways to propose to your bridesmaids, but honestly, I'm not crafty enough to do this:
 And definitely not this:
So I thought about it, trying to get my creative juices going while procrastinating on pinterest (FOLLOW ME). Then I realized, what better way to ask the person who inspired me to start this blog, than to ask her ON the blog??? I'm a genius!!

This friend and I are relatively new friends, but we have lived identical lives...separately. She was part of the whole process when I was looking at diamonds for my ring (she was my Cal substitute), she asked questions I never would've thought of. She's been helping me plan the wedding, going to wedding shows,  checking out venues, and looking at dresses. PLUS She didn't hesitate when I asked her to ask her aesthetician if they did ass crack waxes. What else can I ask for in a bridesmaid????

So, Joce, will you be my bridesmaid?????

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