What to doooooo??

Since I'm still in the very very VERY early stages of planning the wedding, I just casually browse random things I feel like looking up on a particular day. Hopefully this blog will help me focus a little more.

So the topic today of my all-over-the-place-ness will be venues.

Should we do it in Vancouver, which is where we live? Or, in Penticton, where Cal is from, beaaaautiful wine country?

We will be having a church ceremony, so we only need a venue for the reception. In Vancouver, my top choice is definitely UBC Boathouse. I've driven by this venue before without giving much thought to it. But they had a booth at the wedding show I was at recently and the venue just looked amazing! Check out the photos here. There are just way too many to post.

The rates for the Boathouse is also reasonable. Their low season goes until the end of April, so you could totally score a warm weekend wedding at 50% off the high season rate! The high season rate for Saturday rentals is $5000. This gives you 8 hours of use. I think that's pretty reasonable, especially if the wedding is during low season.

If we hold the wedding in Vancouver, it will be much easier to find a wedding planner, hair dresser, make-up artist, etc. I have contacts in all these areas whom I trust. Accommodations for out-of-town guests will also be a lot easier since there are a lot more hotels in Vancouver than in Penticton.

If the wedding is in Penticton, we have to make sure it's not a long weekend, since hotel accommodations will be overpriced and hard to get. Also, we're planning for an August wedding, so we need to take into account the annual Ironman competition, and there is also Peachfest every year. This really limits us to two weekends in August. Since I don't live in Penticton, I don't know any wedding planners, or other vendors. It will also make meeting with vendors more complicated since we can't drive up to Penticton each weekend.

Arrrrgggghh...decisions. I think I'm leaning towards Penticton, but who knows. I may change my mind tomorrow.


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