It's Official!!!!!!!

As you know, Cal and I have been unofficially engaged for a few months. The only thing that was stopping it from being official was the lack of engagement ring. But it has finally arrived!!! And it is OFFICIAL!!!!

We're not super romanticy people, and no surprise, the "proposal" was also not very romanticy. I know exactly what I want, and how I want it. So obviously I took charge when it was time to find the perfect ring. When the ring was ready to be picked up, Cal was away for training for work. So naturally, I went to pick up the ring from the jeweller. When I went to pick up Cal from the airport that night, I showed him the ring, in the box, and he looked at it, took some pictures of it, and held on to it....but only because I was driving. When we arrived home, he promptly gave the box back, and said "you should probably hold on to this". 

Anyway, Cal arrived on an evening flight, and since he flew domestically, there was no food on the flight. Being a good, domesticated girlfriend, I made him a quick dinner of Chinese noodles with veggies and a fried egg. Definitely a Chinese comfort food staple. As I gave him his dinner, I casually asked, "soooooo are you going to put the ring on me?". His response, "oooh yeaaaah, I guess I should do that". So here we are, sitting on the couch, watching Sportscentre:
This is a picture of us now....but it's pretty much identical to the scene during the actual proposal.

I don't really remember what Cal said during the proposal, something along the lines of "we've been together for a long time (almost 6 years), and I think we should get married some time next year, there is no other place I'd rather be than on the couch, with you, watching Sportscentre..... oh and will you marry me?". Of course I said...YES!! hahahaha. Now thinking back, maybe I should've said no. lol.

It's definitely not what every girl dreams of what her proposal will be. But it was perfect for us. How and where it happened represents what we love to do when we're together...sitting on the couch and watching TV.

Here's a picture of the ring in the box:
 Here's a picture of the ring on my hand:
Here's the view of the basket:

Major and Sandy Shokar at Diamond Deals did an amazing job. When I had a mental lapse on what my wax mold looked like, they were more than happy to set up an emergency meeting with me so I can ease my anxiety. The whole process took about 6 weeks, from my first meeting with Major, to picking up the ring. Major said my setting is more intricate than most, so it took 4 weeks from wax to completion. This picture does not do the workmanship any justice.
I told Sandy, the wax expert, that I did not want any metal showing on the ring, and they have achieved that request without a doubt. I cannot emphasize enough how delicate the ring looks. I will definitely be getting my wedding band from Diamond Deals

Needless to say, both Cal and I are very happy with the ring, and we're both so excited to be getting married!


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