Ring time!!!

So I have a confession to make. The conversation in the previous post took place in Oct. 2011, and I started looking for rings in January. I am that girl who has planned her wedding for years. I wasn't the extremist that had a whole wedding workbook filled out and ready to go. But I did keep mental notes of what I did and did not want.

I started looking at rings probably when I was about 18 (a girl can dream can't she?) This was the first ring I thought I would have as my engagement ring.

I think back then, I chose this ring because it was the most expensive ring I could find online at the time. It is a marquise center stone, flanked by two trillion cuts. Then after a few months, or a couple years, I can't keep track anymore, I realized I don't like this ring AT ALL! What was I thinking??

So by this time, it was Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey's heyday. And back then, being a slave to celebrity gossip, I watched their show, "The Newlyweds", religiously. I am not ashamed to admit that I even own the DVD's... all 3 seasons. From marriage all the way to the divorce! Anyway, of course I wanted the gorgeous 5 carat ring that Jessica Simpson had. Who wouldn't? It's a pear shaped center stone, with smaller pears on either side. I even went as far as buying a fake version of it (which I still have, and admire it once in a while)!
Of course at the time, I thought, 5 carats? That's nothing, of course my future husband will be able to afford it. haha. Theeeeen I finished school, and had to look for a job. Reality sets in, I get older, and wiser (at least I like to think so). I realize I'm not into being super flashy. Gone are the days when I want to own everything designer, and want people to know it's designer. Now, I'm still into designer pieces, but I choose brands that are more understated. Items where it takes one to know one.

Once Cal and I decided that we were committed to each other, I started browsing online for what kind of ring I would want. This was still a few years back, so we're not actually anywhere near the ripe old age of 30. Nonetheless, I came across this awesome website/forum - Pricescope. It was here that I finally found my DREAM ring. At the time, I didn't know the exact details yet, but I knew it will be a cushion cut diamond in a halo setting. I got a few quotes from designers in New York. They were definitely within my budget. 

Fast forward a couple more years, Jan. 2012 (finally!) I got an updated quote from the designer that I wanted the ring from, and was all set to order the ring. Since we live in Vancouver, I started thinking about the costs associated with bringing in a diamond ring back from the US. I wouldn't have to pay duty, but I do have to pay the 12% HST, on top of the NY tax. So, I decided to research some jewellers based out of Vancouver. The quotes I got from the jewellers here were significantly less than the quotes I got from New York. I finally settled on working with Diamond Deals in Vancouver, since they were the most eager to help me out and listen to my requests.

Here's a picture of the stone we've decided on, and also the wax mould of the actual ring.

I will post more pictures of the ring when it's completed in a few weeks!!

- Meesh

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