Dress shopping!!!!!

We went dress shopping today!!! Buuuuut not for my wedding dress. twobirds was in town for a trunk show, so my bridesmaids and I went to check them out. The colour selection they had was amaaaaaaazing!!! This is definitely a style of dress I would go with for my the wedding. Check out some of the styles Danielle from twobirds demo'd for us!

They also have an iPhone app with videos of how to wear the dress!! I love companies that have a touch of geek to them!!

Here's the link to all the video how-to's. http://www.twobirdsbridesmaid.ca/gallery/video

We did find that their "short straight" version was a little too long for us shorties - 5'2". You can take the dress to a seamstress, and they should be able to trim the fabric to the length you like.

All in all, I love these dress! Especially since your BM's can re-wear them after the big day!!


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